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I have been blogging for a few years now. All of it for my Michigan football based blog "Midnight Maize". I do a ton of live blogs and MS Paint. I found people seem to get a kick out of MS Paint and the "real" quality it provides. I even had one Michigan vs OSU MS Paint linked on the ESPN Big Ten web links which was OMG moment. You can check out most my MS Paints here(not working yet). 


I have been a Bulls fan since 91 when I was 9. I started watching during the 91 playoffs with my Dad who was a huge Pistons fan. I of course couldn't stand watching the Pistons. I had no interest in the late 80s when he watched them and I had none than. I started to notice a man that was more then man but a god on the basketball floor. Michael Jordan. He drew me, got me interested. I fell in love with the rest of the Bulls. Scottie,Horace,BJ ect. 

11 year old me with Brother
after basketball tourney
3rd place..bah!
I have been watching and yelling at my TV ever since. I cried my eyes out when the Bulls got screwed on the Scottie Pippen foul in the 94 playoffs vs the Knicks. I cried the next year when the Magic beat a out of shape MJ(wait I was 12...little old to be crying?). I of course loved the glory of the 96-98 run. I saw them play in 96 at the Palace and was 2nd row from the top. I couldn't see shit. But I loved it. I even went when Jordan played for the Wiz. I lived through 1999-2004. That was a true test for any fan. When in 2001 you have to do a season with the Bulls on Kobe Bryant basketball for Game Cube and your best player is Ron Mercer... You know you got issues. The Ben Gordan/Kirk era was at least exciting for the fact that we were playoff bound again in a terrible east conf. Beat the Heat was also a great taste even though I knew this teams future didn't have much upside. I pretty much fell out of love with Ben Gordan due to his lack of defense and was waiting for Tyrus Thomas to come around(which hurt after watching Aldridge become a stud). Deng I never had a lot of issues with. Was he Scottie Pippen? No. But he was solid most nights and played hard and wasn't a head case like Tyruse. 

Myself from the paper
after said 3rd place
I hated the Vinny hire from day one. I didn't think handing over the Bulls to a coach with zero experience was the best idea and that proved to be right on a few occasions. We are where we are right now with Rose due to a lot of luck. Thank god that worked out for us. During the 2008 draft process I wasn't sure about Rose. We needed a post presence for so long and I thought Beasley would be it. He than measured in at many draft camps around 6'6 and not his college list of 6'10(wow). I than said, nope Rose is our man.. Hands down. We didn't need a Glenn Robinson with Beasley and another head case. Did I think we were getting a top 5 NBA player in Rose? No but a damn good PG who would make All Star teams. He has exceed my expectations from day one and will only get better. 

I sorta got off track but bottom line I have followed the Bulls since day I became interested. I really enjoy the past(90s). I still watch old games a lot and those corny championship videos. I also watch a lot of other NBA games but only curse at the TV during Bulls games. I live in Michigan so watching all the games can be hit or miss. I am on the edge of buying the league pass for the rest to year so I can write this blog properly. 

Why now? Why "Da Bull Crap"? Going forward?

This is probably the worst timing possible for me start this blog for a few reason. Its mid season. Not a lot of ball left. The looming lock out could hit home and screw any momentum this blog and the NBA gains over the rest of the season. A lock out could lead to days with out postings from this blog and a lot of Bulls/NBA blogs. In my own life my wife is about to give birth to my first child so there could be a few breaks in the start of March. So as you see... Worst timing. 

The timing maybe wrong but I have wanted to do this for a long time. I had a lot of success with my Midnight Maize blog and have been inching to do a Bulls blog for over a year now. Why the name? A lot of post will be "crap". Random links,tweets,live blogs and bad writing. I will be the first to tell you that writing is not my strong suit(So why do you write a blog again?). I am not very good at all. Some bloggers can write novels(see MGOBLOG) but I can't. I can get my point across is much faster fashion. I will also due a lot of MS Paints which... Look like crap. I use a lot of humor whether you find it funny or not. I also had a section for the Bulls worst players through the years and that goes a long with the theme. So you can see it all fits. 
You know you are a hardcore fan when you rock Bulls Zubaz..
Wife hates them.
Going forward the best case scenario would be the site gets visits. People enjoy my posts and MS Paints(and comments on them!). Enough people come that I can spring a high end message board. I have looked all over the net and I think most the Bulls Message Boards are pretty terrible. The ESPN ones are beyond bad. But this place will need to grow a lot for me to get there. I am always open to ideas so throw me messages or emails if you see anything that needs improvement site wise or content wise.

Contact? Twitter? Advertising?Donate?Link ups?

-I am very accessible. I respond  to pretty much any email besides Nigerian scams... Feel free to email me at dabullcrap@gmail.com 
-I have a twitter, please follow. I use Twitter all the time. I tweet a lot during games. Right hand corner of the site you will find the link. Or just click HERE
-I do offer advertising on both blogs(midnight maize). Please feel free to send me a email to find out more if interested.
-Bloggers love readers who donate. I have used all donations for site improvements.  
-Got a Blog? NBA or Bulls blog? Email me and I will add you to my link list in a blog exchange. 

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