Da Bull Crap Site Update

Its official. This Bulls Blog will be straight Bulls history. Not that I won't talk about Derrick Rose and the current Bulls(I do love the current team) from time to time but I do have a passion for my childhood Bulls teams. So now I will post lots of vintage memorabilia, games, pictures, videos ect.

I think this also offers something a little different from the other Bulls blogs. At the top in the Nav I have added "Bulls games on Youtube". I will post full Chicago Bulls games I find on Youtube there, saves a lot of searching for you. I have added a ton of games today so check them out. Thanks to all the people who have uploaded those classics. Some are in parts so just follow on to part 2 and ect.

Hopefully this blog change can fuel the blog to become more popular for the fan who loves looking backwards. Hope you enjoy all the vintage Bulls crap I will post from here on out. Follow me on Twitter to keep up with blog posts.

I end with a picture of Michael Jordan who competed in the 1990 3-point shoot out(and did terrible) and one of my favorite Jordan commercials.

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