E-Bulls Items

Fun Ebay finds for today!

Bidding has ended on this but a super clean white Scottie Pippen jersey. I always wanted a white one. I was going to bid but got out of my price range. Rodman and Jordan Bulls jerseys always go for more. Pippen just wasn't as popular for some reason. Even his cards are worthless.

This Jordan coat is... busy. I remember these. When I was a kid I thought they were awesome. I remember a David Robinson one and a Pippen one.. I think. The dude is asking way to much for it but it is a cool vintage piece.

Case and point that Dennis Rodman Bulls things go for more. Pretty cool Tyson Chandler jersey.

Wow this shirt is ON FIRE!!! This the stuff I wore day in and day out. Just ugly stuff. If I saw this as a 10 or 12 year old I would have to have it. Again this auction is asking to much.

Here is a great lot of vintage shirts. You can see how much these things can go for if you have a bunch laying around and want to make some extra money. Its up to $40 already.

Here is a very cool collection of penets.

I flipped when I found this. I sported this very same tie for my 3rd grade pictures. Loved this tie. It was the only tie my mom could get me to wear.

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