Michael Jordan to the Max Review (2001)

I came across this dvd figured I might as well throw it in. I haven't seen it in years. I really wish I could have seen it in the IMAX. I guess the DVD will have to do.

This DVD is only 46 mins long and it covers Jordan's last season with the Bulls. It really doesn't recap anything from the season and jumps right into the playoffs. I was bit let down to get very little Nets and Hornets coverage in the DVD. Even the Pacers don't get a whole lot. They do focus on the Game 7 but the others are just game recaps with very little video footage.

It covers the finals pretty well but does gloss over games 2,3,4 and 5 pretty quick. I would have liked to seen more. The final shot in game 6 is breath taking from all the different angles and the view from the United Center where people were watching on the Big screen.

The music is a bit outdated now but Laurence Fishburne does an outstanding job narrating it. All the IMAX shots are great. With great sound and slow motion.

They also show Jordan at some camps of his and out and about which is always fun to see. Also some Bulls practices.

Final Thoughts
I just wish there was more. Its so short. The IMAX shots are great and so is Fishburne but it just isn't enough. I still rather watch Bulls championship videos or any other Michael Jordan DVD(come fly with me ect). It could have been epic if it was 90 mins long. The final shot in game 6 is at least worth the viewing. Great to watch on youtube or something but not worth buying.

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