A few 90s NBA Gems

On 4th of July the wife and I headed to one of the biggest flea markets in Michigan. I have found some great things over the years at this market. This year I found a few nice notables.

Found this 90s classic snap back Bulls hat for $3. I remember having this hat in the Black. I see these go for a nice amount on Ebay. I may sell it since I am really only into the Championship hats.

Not that I am a Pistons fan but I love these hats. My dad is a Pistons fan and I may give this to him for old time sake. I remember him watching the 1989 and 1990 finals. It was before I was into basketball. Sometimes I would be going through VHS tapes looking for some episode of the Real Ghostbusters I recorded to only put in the Blazers vs Pistons Finals. Of course I would become frustrated.. I got this as well for $3.

I did not buy this but found it worth taking a picture of. Why would you want to tackle Larry Bird? I used to have the WWF wrestling dummies but never saw these. I have buddy who is a Celtics fan and he drooled over this collectible. The guy was a card dealer and I didn't get a chance to ask for a price.

I bought a few other things like a few Old Sports Illustrated With some Celtic dudes on the cover for my friend. Also some old packs of TMNT movie cards and old Hasbro Wrestlers. Picked up a Logo7 Barry Sanders jersey too for $5. Logo 7 is like Gobots of jerseys when I was a kid. If you couldn't afford Champion jerseys. You got a Logo 7 jersey. I had a Jordan jersey. Also a Bulls coat.

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