E-Bulls Items

Some very very cool game shorts. They look like they are from the 70s. I have never seen the yellow horns but these are great. I bet they end at a high price.
Another pair of shorts from the 80s. Love the short shorts. More great game worn shorts.
1969 poster. Just a great looking piece for a Bulls room.
It was pretty shocking to see this Starter Jacket going for $177 with 2hrs left. Its a really cool one. Starter was best stuff in the 90s but... DANG!

Michael Jordan to the Max Review (2001)

I came across this dvd figured I might as well throw it in. I haven't seen it in years. I really wish I could have seen it in the IMAX. I guess the DVD will have to do.

This DVD is only 46 mins long and it covers Jordan's last season with the Bulls. It really doesn't recap anything from the season and jumps right into the playoffs. I was bit let down to get very little Nets and Hornets coverage in the DVD. Even the Pacers don't get a whole lot. They do focus on the Game 7 but the others are just game recaps with very little video footage.

It covers the finals pretty well but does gloss over games 2,3,4 and 5 pretty quick. I would have liked to seen more. The final shot in game 6 is breath taking from all the different angles and the view from the United Center where people were watching on the Big screen.

The music is a bit outdated now but Laurence Fishburne does an outstanding job narrating it. All the IMAX shots are great. With great sound and slow motion.

They also show Jordan at some camps of his and out and about which is always fun to see. Also some Bulls practices.

Final Thoughts
I just wish there was more. Its so short. The IMAX shots are great and so is Fishburne but it just isn't enough. I still rather watch Bulls championship videos or any other Michael Jordan DVD(come fly with me ect). It could have been epic if it was 90 mins long. The final shot in game 6 is at least worth the viewing. Great to watch on youtube or something but not worth buying.

E-Bulls Items

Fun Ebay finds for today!

Bidding has ended on this but a super clean white Scottie Pippen jersey. I always wanted a white one. I was going to bid but got out of my price range. Rodman and Jordan Bulls jerseys always go for more. Pippen just wasn't as popular for some reason. Even his cards are worthless.

This Jordan coat is... busy. I remember these. When I was a kid I thought they were awesome. I remember a David Robinson one and a Pippen one.. I think. The dude is asking way to much for it but it is a cool vintage piece.

Case and point that Dennis Rodman Bulls things go for more. Pretty cool Tyson Chandler jersey.

Wow this shirt is ON FIRE!!! This the stuff I wore day in and day out. Just ugly stuff. If I saw this as a 10 or 12 year old I would have to have it. Again this auction is asking to much.

Here is a great lot of vintage shirts. You can see how much these things can go for if you have a bunch laying around and want to make some extra money. Its up to $40 already.

Here is a very cool collection of penets.

I flipped when I found this. I sported this very same tie for my 3rd grade pictures. Loved this tie. It was the only tie my mom could get me to wear.

Da Bull Crap Site Update

Its official. This Bulls Blog will be straight Bulls history. Not that I won't talk about Derrick Rose and the current Bulls(I do love the current team) from time to time but I do have a passion for my childhood Bulls teams. So now I will post lots of vintage memorabilia, games, pictures, videos ect.

I think this also offers something a little different from the other Bulls blogs. At the top in the Nav I have added "Bulls games on Youtube". I will post full Chicago Bulls games I find on Youtube there, saves a lot of searching for you. I have added a ton of games today so check them out. Thanks to all the people who have uploaded those classics. Some are in parts so just follow on to part 2 and ect.

Hopefully this blog change can fuel the blog to become more popular for the fan who loves looking backwards. Hope you enjoy all the vintage Bulls crap I will post from here on out. Follow me on Twitter to keep up with blog posts.

I end with a picture of Michael Jordan who competed in the 1990 3-point shoot out(and did terrible) and one of my favorite Jordan commercials.

A few 90s NBA Gems

On 4th of July the wife and I headed to one of the biggest flea markets in Michigan. I have found some great things over the years at this market. This year I found a few nice notables.

Found this 90s classic snap back Bulls hat for $3. I remember having this hat in the Black. I see these go for a nice amount on Ebay. I may sell it since I am really only into the Championship hats.

Not that I am a Pistons fan but I love these hats. My dad is a Pistons fan and I may give this to him for old time sake. I remember him watching the 1989 and 1990 finals. It was before I was into basketball. Sometimes I would be going through VHS tapes looking for some episode of the Real Ghostbusters I recorded to only put in the Blazers vs Pistons Finals. Of course I would become frustrated.. I got this as well for $3.

I did not buy this but found it worth taking a picture of. Why would you want to tackle Larry Bird? I used to have the WWF wrestling dummies but never saw these. I have buddy who is a Celtics fan and he drooled over this collectible. The guy was a card dealer and I didn't get a chance to ask for a price.

I bought a few other things like a few Old Sports Illustrated With some Celtic dudes on the cover for my friend. Also some old packs of TMNT movie cards and old Hasbro Wrestlers. Picked up a Logo7 Barry Sanders jersey too for $5. Logo 7 is like Gobots of jerseys when I was a kid. If you couldn't afford Champion jerseys. You got a Logo 7 jersey. I had a Jordan jersey. Also a Bulls coat.

E-Bulls items

I love just searching Ebay for old or odd Bulls items. Find some great things. Here is the latest.

I would file this under the "Odd". As in who would want this? Maybe for $5.. Not $20.
I give you Chris Duhon

Hey ever want a signed personal check from Michael Jordan? 

Upper Deck Life Size Jordan stand up. I still have this. Packed up. Who knew it could go for so much.
Ahh I remember wearing this as a kid. I also still have my shorts with the carpet like circle symbol. I'll post those some day.
This thing is awesome. A full Jordan Warm up coat and pants from the 1989 season. When I was a  kid I wanted the home white one so bad. I think for $2300 its not that bad of a deal. Maybe I am just to much of a collector but I'd pay that if I had it.

1993 NBA Finals Bulls vs Suns photos

My favorite finals ever. I was 11 and was living and breathing anything Bulls and Jordan. I remember being worried that the Bulls wouldn't make it to the finals since the Knicks had home court on them. The home court only mattered for 2 games in that series. My favorite Jordan shoe ever was also in 93. The Jordan VIII. Have a pair of the black ones I have never worn. I plan on watching all 6 games soon. Once I get around to that I will post some thoughts on the series. But for now here are some great pictures I found while surfing Google Images. Enjoy!

I still have this shirt

We also can't forget the closing credits to the finals. I really miss these credits. NBC's NBA Finals just seem to have more soul to them. Maybe it seems that way since I was a kid but ABC just feels generic.

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