1993 NBA Finals Bulls vs Suns photos

My favorite finals ever. I was 11 and was living and breathing anything Bulls and Jordan. I remember being worried that the Bulls wouldn't make it to the finals since the Knicks had home court on them. The home court only mattered for 2 games in that series. My favorite Jordan shoe ever was also in 93. The Jordan VIII. Have a pair of the black ones I have never worn. I plan on watching all 6 games soon. Once I get around to that I will post some thoughts on the series. But for now here are some great pictures I found while surfing Google Images. Enjoy!

I still have this shirt

We also can't forget the closing credits to the finals. I really miss these credits. NBC's NBA Finals just seem to have more soul to them. Maybe it seems that way since I was a kid but ABC just feels generic.

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