90s NBA Jersey Gems and Johnny Kilroy

I have a warm place in my heart for 90s NBA gear and cards. Its just my childhood really. Its really to bad that almost all my Bulls things are packed away. I have some great vintage stuff from the 90s. I hope to post some of that stuff as I come across it. Once I finally buy a house next year I will for sure have a lot of it out and to share by then. Not everything I have is Bulls(but 90% of it is). Like this Suns shooting shirt. I almost sold it on Ebay but opted to keep it.

Never have been a suns fan but I always loved the stuff they came out with during the Barkley era. I really haven't liked the newest stuff. I miss Champion as the outfitter for the NBA. Teams would all have different designs. Now Adidas just uses the same template for all the teams and they add stripes to everything. My buddy Ryan(yeah same name) showed off his Barkley champion jersey and Nick the quick the other day
Like I said the Barkley Suns era was awesome color and design wise. I really liked the black Suns jerseys that came along in 94-95. I also like the Lakers jerseys better too. There not bad now but I like these better. Plus obscure champion jerseys are always great. How many Van Exel jerseys do ever see? None. 

I also came across my 1994 Upper Deck Johnny Kilroy card. I used to think this was the best card ever. Maybe it helped me cope with Jordan's first retirement. The card itself is worthless. But it was a funny ad that Nike ran with Jordan being gone. They cut the ad short for whatever reason and it never really went anywhere.

If you are to young to remember the ad then here is the youtube. The Bulls could use a Johnny Kilroy now to help with Derrick being out... and when he gets back.

I hope to share more of my old NBA and Bulls crap as I come across it. I can never get enough of living in the past. Oh yeah the Bulls drafted the other Teague brother today. So there is that.

He can't guard me

Wilkins the "Jordan Stopper"

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