Crash and Burn

I had to let this one cool for a few weeks. If I would have posted after the game I may have torn this team to shreds and I don't wanna do that(I will a weee bit). What I saw in Game 5 was one of the biggest melt downs in NBA history. Easily the biggest in Bulls history. It was pretty embarrassing. The Bulls had to do everything wrong from the 3:00 min mark(that includes a four point play) to lose the game. The Heat had to do everything right for them to pull it off. Those two things happened and left the city stunned.

Thibs makes errors

I love how Thomas and the bench played to a point but once it became clear after the last time out that Derrick Rose was going 1 on 5 and needed more help that was the time to put back in Booze and Noah. Maybe they tip in a miss or give the Bulls an extra shot clock. Anything. To play it out with the group on the floor was a huge mistake.

Not having anymore time out is another huge mistake. He goes through them fast since he is a control freak but you gotta be mindful of them and keep a few for the situation that the Bulls put them selfs in. He didn't and it resulted in a car wreak of a final play where Korver was being chased by three Heat players.

I really wonder going forward if his style of coaching will last.Will he wear his guys out before the playoffs? I for one think they looked tired the whole playoff season. Will they just get sick of him and we will have Scott Skiles all over again? I wanna say that he is different and demands a different respect but I think he will need to tweak some of his habits in order to survive over a long haul.

Derrick Rose
He was brutal again and for the whole game. It hard to not blame him in the end when he was a main reason the Bulls lost. He was just dribbling around hoping and praying.. Going 1 on 5. I think more of that had to do with with the group on the floor. But he had to make plays and just didn't. After such a great regular season Derrick took his lumps in the playoffs.

He will come back better. This loss will sit forever with him. Even if he goes on to win a ring this lose will linger forever. It was that bad. He may need therapy.

He just made one bone head play after another. Letting Wade get to the hoop, giving up a four point play. Silly turnovers have costed him and the team all playoffs and this night was no different. Still doesn't have the best court vision in the world and doubt that changes much. His shot will get better and him handling the "moment" will get better.

The missing of clutch FTs is a bit concerning. Now people are linking him with missed ones in the final four and in spot light of the ECF. Lets just hope its a hick up and not something that sticks with him.

In the end he just looked tired. He was tired all playoffs. He hit a wall. He didn't have much lift at all. Most of his shots were short. His play in the lane stunk(a true sign of tired legs) and he lost his edge. With going balls out all year and team USA this shouldn't really be surprising. I expect him to bounce back since thats whats in his nature. He just left a sour taste in everyone mouth and it won't leave until the next season starts(when ever that is).

Noah and Boozer
Noah still to me just doesn't look right. I gotta think his thumb is still an issue. He uses his left hand all the time now and refuses to shoot his jump shot. Something is wrong. Wouldn't be surprised if we heard something more about this in the coming weeks. He looked like a shell of himself during most the playoffs. I think being injured had a lot to do with it.

Boozer is well... Boozer. He was over paid and didn't show up when needed. He was terrible around the hoop. He missed or got blocked on countless layups. He is just so under sized and has a weak mental state on the floor that it shines through when he looks scared to even shoot or when he is busy picking up flagrant fouls. There are already rumblings that the Bulls will try and move him(good luck). I still think we could use him but maybe in a back up role. I think its time Gibson starts and we go that route.

The Playoff Run
It was a brutal run and I am not sure this team could have beat Boston. They were just really bad for 75% of the playoffs. The Bulls were very lucky to gave the easiest road to the ECF because running into Boston may have resulted in a 2nd round exit.

For whatever reason the Bulls just lacked a lot energy and killer instinct all playoffs. Looking almost a sleep vs the Pacers and Hawks. Not sure if the whole team hit the wall or some how lost its edge along the way.

The Off Season
I expect the Bulls to search for a trade for Boozer and may not find much. I did heard the Magic were asking about him. Also heard rumblings of the Warriors nosing around about a Deng for Ellis trade but that puts the Bulls in the same position as they are in with the SG. Now we have no SF. Plus Deng is a glue guy and no way Thibs and the Bulls wanna deal with Ellis and his issues.

People are hoping the Magic will get dumb all of a sudden and trade Howard. Really don't hold your breath. The dude has made it clear he will give the Magic a chance. I haven't even heard the Bulls rumored. More the Lakers and Nets. If the Magic would deal Howard to Chicago, the Bulls should pretty much do anything possible to make that happen but I give it about a 10% chance of that happening. Basically I will eat my hat if it does.

Rose will take a huge break I am guessing and then get back to work. He will work on getting better. He got a terrible taste in his mouth.

The Bulls should really try and bring Thomas back and maybe even look to move Korver in a package for SG if the chance shows its self. He was pretty bad since the Pacers series.

I will still be posting Bulls content all off season. More of it maybe remembering the good old days but with a lock out looming it could be a long long off season. Lets hope they figure it out but the sides seem light years a part... ugh.

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