Bulls vs T-Wolves

I didnt get a chance to watch the game with my own basketball league going on but I caught the highlights and box scores.

It was a typical Bulls bounce back game and vs a terrible team. The Bulls did look sharper. Passing was the big stat with 30 some dimes for the team. Boozer looked like Boozer. That will call the dogs off him a bit(crazy Bulls fans who want him gone..already). Just glad to see that the Bulls didn't play down to such a sorry team(its ok Minn we were that sorry team once.. Ron Mercer you say?).

Omer made the SC top 10 with his block on love. No soup for Love tonight. Deng looked sharper. I would love to see the Bulls do this to my home state team the Pistons on Friday. Keep the good vibes rolling.

Noah sat out. I know him and Boozer need to play on the same court but this wasn't worth the risk. Lets see if he goes on Friday. Derrick Rose seemed to take care of the Ball better too. He always improves after a shitty game which is nice since some players just let it get worse since they lose some "swag" or whatever that is.

I was suppose to go to this Bulls games in Detroit but work got in the way. Still pretty bummed about it. I guess FSN will have to do. Tried to get Playoff tickets too but with the drive from Michigan and the prices of the tickets its pretty much out of the question. Plus new born. Guess I will be waiting until next year.

Now lets flash back to a few T-Wolves pictures. Just in honor of how sorry this franchise has been(besides drafting KG).

It never gets old

Isn't he is jail? 

Stretch it out.. hair is money

The worst 1st pick ever... don't even challenge it.

17 days until Black Socks and Black Shoes

1991 NBA Conf Finals. Bulls vs Pistons. Game 4. Waaaa you won't shake my hand?

18 Days until Black Socks and Black Shoes

Toni Kukoc game winner in the 94 playoffs. 

Scottie Pippen refuses to go in since the play wasn't drawn up for him. Kukoc hits the game winner. There was a lot of heat towards Kukoc before he even got to Chicago since Jerry Krause pegged Kukoc as someone that could replace Jordan or Pippen. Hell he did everything in his power not to pay Pippen so he could get Kukoc there. So I always got Pippen's sides of it but still no excuse to not go in and let alone in the playoffs. I think Pippen apologized if I remember right. A every interesting dynamic was there with him and Toni.


Blogabull links an interesting article about the Bulls injuries on the season and perception that we have been hit hard with Noah and Boozer being out. But maybe not that hard...

Yet, what I found remarkable is that the Bulls have otherwise had almost pristine health. Out of the other nine players who've seen significant time this season, there have been three games lost to injury, total (Rose, 1; Gibson, 2). That's a shockingly low number. I think the perception is that Chicago has been hit hard by injuries.
Yeah the loss of Noah and Boozer might be a bit over blown. But you still can't discount what Rose has done without some of his players in the starting five.

Doug at BC talks the Bulls three main flaws.
When the Bulls hit the playoffs, it makes sense to shorten the rotation.  Every coach in the NBA shortens their rotation to maximize minutes for their best players.   The Bulls are regularly going 10 deep, sometimes 11 deep.   A typically playoff rotation is 8 deep.   The Bulls should probably shorten their rotation to go 9 deep, and the guy who needs to get cut is Bogans.

Read more: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-bulls-confidential/2011/03/bulls-loss-shows-three-flaws-opponents-can-exploit.html#ixzz1I4NMZkKF
 I just can't see Thibs and the Bulls cutting out Bogans mins. He has been our starting guard on possibly the number one seed team in the east all year long. His mins may get cut a bit but he will still have a role. As long as he hits open threes the Bulls are getting the most out of him.

Chicago Bulls KY did it's annual one month post.
CJ Watson could very well be a starter as well.
Alright lets not get crazy. I love CJ as much as the next fan but he's a backup for life and a damn good one.
These guys can post once a year for all I care. With a great profile picture like this.

Kukoc champion jersey FTW.

By the Horns 76er review 
Assumptions can be dangerous things.
Never assume a team can’t stumble.
Never assume a team is unbeatable at home.
Never assume that superstars can’t have an off night that will prove disastrous.
Never assume a team is ready to contend for a title before the regular season has even ended.
Speaking of which…the regular season hasn’t even ended
Word brother.

I guess the good stories get tucked under the MURDER DEATH KILLS.. In the News Paper. Bulls Team saves 17 kids from a burning orphanage. Glad Thank You Isiah noticed.. Because I didn't. Some great threads over at the GM boards.. Here,Here and Here(I forgot about some of the Bums we had from 99 to now). DaBullz joins the sadness with his 76er review.

Blast from the Past!

76ers vs Bulls Game review

Well it finally caught up to the Bulls. What caught up to them? Wearing red at home and white on the road? No!... Slow starts. This really should have happened vs the Deers but Rose saved the day. The 76ers are very solid team. So solid they handed to the Bulls and won the season series 2-1. If I were the Magic.. I wouldn't take them lightly.

Just a mess of a night on defense. The Bulls looked to be in quick sand for most the night. Or asleep. Seems like this sluggish starts have started to be really bad since becoming the best in the east. Teams are gunning for the Bulls now so they need to take each game serious. If they wanna be killers they gotta come out to play every night. If they wanna be the 2010 Cavs then they will flop to end the season and in the playoffs. The Bulls have some tough games to close the season out in Boston and NYK(I know they suck but have been lights out vs the Bulls this year). While the Heat have the easier final games. I could see the season ending 1.Heat 2.Bulls and 3.Celtics if the Bulls keep this trend up.

Deng had another tough night. It seems like whenever Deng is off so is the whole team. He seems to be the bizarre key to this team. Noah,Boozer and others can have off nights and the Bulls can win. Seems when Deng struggles so do the Bulls. 3-11 tonight, lots of short shots. Gotta wonder if the minutes are getting to him.

Rose did all he could tonight but was too careless in the process. 31pts never looks good with 10 TOs. Just bad dribbling and even worse passing. Just seems to go too fast at times. I know as he gets older this will get better. The thing is that he never takes bad shots but a lot times makes bad passes.

Noah struggled with Hawes which is sorta like What? But he did. Left him open in crunch time and Hawes made him pay by hitting three jumpers... or pulled three jumpers out of his ass. Boozer is now officially on many Bulls fans most hated list. They are willing to ship him for Sean May and a bag of skittles(unless Sean may eats the Skittles first). I plan on diving more into this topic later in the week. I cant take over this game review about how wrong fans are with the slumping Boozer. In good time... All in good time.

This wll be a great wake up call and a lot good may come of this. I am guessing it can re focus the team that work needs to be done and cruise control will cost you everything. Like it did tonight.

The Players

Noah: Had a nice night stat wise but just struggled on help defense and with Hawes in the 4th. I think he is coming around to his old form which is good.
Boozer: Same for Boozer. A nice stat night with 15pts and 9rebs but still not scoring like he was earlier in the season. Defense is still pretty bad. If he can just get to avg...
Deng: Two straight tough games for Deng. 3-11 for 10pts. How are his legs holding up? Not well. Every shot short.
Bogans: Only hit one three tonight. BAD BOGANS! BAD!
Rose: Had his highlights. Got his points but gave up 10 TOs. Just a terrible night with the ball. The great thing is he will work on this. He will make it right. Just gonna take time. He was a huge reason we made a run back in the game but he was a huge reason we were down in the game...if that even makes sense.

The Bench Mob
Gibson: Now with bigger shoes(no really he wears a bigger shoe). Taj had 4pts and 3rebs and 2 blocks. Again in 16mins. I think he may get a bit more if Boozer keeps slacking. But I think he should be getting in the 20min range.
Korver: No three balls again. 4pts. Bad night.
Brewer: Brought some energy off the bench but missed two big FTs and was "meh".
Watson: Was paired with Rose for some more scoring. Was pretty much a non factor.
Asik: Did much of nothing in his 10 mins.

19 days until black socks and black shoes

Ben Gordan's 42 points in the playoffs vs the Celtics. Game 2.

I have never been much of a Ben Gordan fan but he was out of this world in this game. He was the Microwave but in HD. To bad Ben never knew that. Could have been one of the best sixth men in NBA history if he would have learned to embrace that.

20 Days until Black Socks and Black Shoes

Pippen Dunk over Ewing.. One of the best Bulls playoff dunks off all time.

Scottie Talks about the Dunk

Bulls at Bucks Game Review

Talk about a frustrating game one minute and than a thrilling fun one the next. The Bulls played down most the game to the terrible Bucks. Fear the DEER was an issue for most the game. The Bulls just seem to be in cruise control and figured they just hang around long enough to start playing when they wanted to. Boozer had his up and down moments. Noah seemed to be back with his active play. Thibs went with a bizarre 4th quarter rotation as he started Rose in the 4th which he never does but with most things coaching and Thibs he knows what he was doing.

The Bulls looked bored for most the game until they swooped in and stole the game with great defense and Derrick Rose in the last 3 mins.

They seem to play some of these bad teams with a laid back approach. Like they are figuring out that they can play half ass for most the game to only turn it on and win because they are that much better. It also could be just with it being so late in the season and players I am sure are wanting to get to the playoffs. The Bulls can't do this as they must keep the focus on the number one seed.

The Bench did play well in spots. The defense was bad in spots. Derrick Rose only put another vote in his box for MVP when he took over the game. He was unreal most the game. Derrick Rose never comes out of the gate and says "I'm scoring". He picks and chooses his spots to score and get his team the ball. He uses such a great balance of judgment when doing this. He simply won't chuck the ball until it goes in. Even when he has bad shooting nights, its just him missing open shots or lay ins. I rarely see Rose take bad shots.

The Players

Noah: Looked to be his old self. 12 pts and 11 rebs. Ran the floor well. Had a huge dunk in the forth to spur the run. #GAMER.
Boozer: Up and down game but a better one than his Grizzlies game. 14pts and 11 rebs is solid. He still wasn't great on defense but I do think he is trying unlike some Bulls fans.
Deng: Struggled tonight. Only had 6 and 5. I do think his heavy mins will catch up to him on some nights so he gets a pass in my book.
Bogans: Hit two 3s and had 8 points on a rare lay up. If he hits two 3s a game than he worth something.
Rose: Out of this world. One of his best games. He seems to light up when Jennings stands in front of him. He abused him most the night. Rose was clutch and helped his MVP cause.

The Bench Mob

Gibson: Not many mins for Taj. Only 13. Does come in play solid D no matter one. Still the ultimate role player.
Thomas: 2 pts and all sexy
Brewer: Huge game with 10 pts and a lot of energy. Got some good 4th quarter mins. Not to mention his 4rebs and 2 steals.
Watson: Was pretty good. Helped with some scoring in the 4th. Only one dime but no TOs so whatever.
Korver: Kyle had a off 3pt night since he missed all three but had two back to back jumpers that gave the bulls some push.
Asik: Only 8 mins but 4rebs and two points. Very active.

21 and 22 days until Black Socks and Black Shoes.

Cavs Vs the Bulls 1993 Playoffs. Jordan 43 points.

Bulls vs Magic 1996. Bulls complete the sweep.

Bulls vs Grizzlies Game Review

I knew this game was gonna be a dog fight. The Grizzlies are a much improved team. They just beat the Celtics in bean town and you knew they would bring it to Chicago. The Bulls looked a bit sluggish for a lot of the game. Once the Grizzlies would get up 7 to 8 points the Bulls would say alright we will play along and erase the lead fast and than get a 4 to 5 point lead to only lose it again due to a lack of focus. The Bulls just turned it on and off through out the game. Some of our best players had a awful night(besides Deng) and we still pulled out a win which is a good sign that we can have off nights and still win.. Vs a playoff team no less.

The Grizzles did do some bullying as they were just more physical and having Tony Allen act like a total jack ass most the game helped the Bulls wake up a bit. Tony Allen never acted like that in Boston when playing the Bulls because A.Doc Rivers would have pulled him and sat him for 5 straight games and B.He faked a thumb injury one time so he wouldn't have to travel to Chicago due to a death threat. So that was one missed opportunity for him to act like a bat shit crazy mad man with a bad beard. After every made shot he would taunt players and the crowd. Like he had done something in the NBA. At one point after a fast break dunk he did a Michael Jackson kick thing and than pured into the crowd. Trust me Tony no one cares(besides the dudes that wanna MURK you). At least we got a nice Tony Allen MS Paint out of it. 

The Players

Noah: He did struggle at times. Also had some touch fouls. He seems to be in a funk right now. Just not getting to the rebounds. Its not a lack off effort. Just seems to be less confidant right now.
Boozer: Had a few nice moments but struggled on defense a lot. Guys like Randolph can push him around on the block. He did grab 9 REBs but had 5 TO
Deng: Had the best night of all the Bulls. Right now he is treading on.. never thought I would say this.. POOR MANS SCOTTIE PIPPEN... Yeah Had 23 and 6 Rebs and played great defense. His 3 point shot has become a great weapon and makes the Bulls that much harder to guard.
Bogans: Has a purpose... Hit 3s. He did this. Pass GO.. Collect $200.
Rose: Rose while shooting awful(6-22!) did make an impact. Great scores find a way when the shots are not falling. He got to the line for 12-13 shooting and made some great passes for scores. He worked on a triple double but came up short. He still forces things at times that result in TOs but thats gonna happen when you handle the rock so much.

The Bench Mob

Gibson: Played great for only 16 mins. Came right in and gave the Bulls life. Got some Horace Grant in him. 6pts and 7 Rebs in 16 mins is outstanding.
Thomas: Didn't do much. Was hoping he would punch Tony Allen in the face.
Korver: Hit one huge three. Struggled on defense. Sounds like most nights.
Brewer: Had a nice showing of 7pts and 4 rebs. Hit some surprising jumpers. Which is like Keanu Reeves "Whoa".
Watson: Was "meh". 1-5 but took care of the ball.
Asik: Omer didn't get a whole lot of time but did play well. He brought a lot of energy with Taj. Now if he could just hit a free throw. Hack-a-Asik coming soon.
Butler: Watched.

23 days until Black Socks and Black Shoes

Top 10 plays of the 1992 NBA Finals.

Looking Ahead

Two Mehs and Four Bottom Feeders

The Bulls have six games coming up vs some pretty bad teams. Two are avg at best teams. The Grizzlies and the 76ers. Both these teams have been playing pretty well as of late. The Griz just did us a solid and beat the Celtics in Boston(something we haven't done) and the 76ers have won 7 of their last 12 and had some very good wins.

The bottom feeders are some very bad teams. The Bucks,Wolves,Pistons and Raptors. The Bucks had one great game the other night vs the dieing Knicks. The Wolves just lost Love for the season(thats the word anyway). The Pistons eat their own young and the Raptors are from another country. All these things bold well for the Bulls.

Don't look at me like that.
Its important that we take care of the scrubs. Baby Seal them the way we did the Kings and the Hawks. Those are the games that can catch up to you because you go into them going through the motions. The way the bench has been playing these games  could give the starters a great break if we take care of the trash in the first 2 and half quarters. Rose,Deng,Taj,Watson and Booz all need a lot of rest but at the same time you need to win these games. The one seed is so important. It will be interesting to see how Thibs plays this out. Balls to the wall or ease up on the gas?

The Grizzlies and 76ers could be close games. Memphis has been playing really well and have a very nice bench. Not to mention the last time the Bulls played them they were slapped all over the court and also didn't have Rudy Gay so I really think the Bulls are in for a challenge. I could easily see the Bulls come crashing down off their high horse after all the big wins and attention they have been getting and end up having a night where they look terrible ala the Warriors game.

Football or Basketball? You decide. 
The 76ers started off the season looking awful. Of course Doug Collins has them on the right track and have looked good as of late. Should be another tough test for the Bulls. Rose needs to keep attacking and the rest will fall into place. The Grizzlies game should be the tougher game but this will be a good test as well. It will test focus more than anything.

Should be interesting going forward with these games on how the Bulls handle this new fame and the number one seed. Also watching minutes should be something. Lets hope the Bulls can get some leads and give the starters a break.

24 days until Game Time...

With the playoffs coming fast. Figured I throw up a youtube everyday of something Bulls playoffs from years past. Enjoy!

Bulls vs Heat 92 first round. Jordan 46pts/11rb/9ast

NBA 2K11 makes grown men cry

The pictures you can get from this game are amazing. I can't get enough of uploading them. I won't get into how great this game. Gotta be the best sports game ever. Best basketball game ever..easy. Enjoy some of my shots from my Bulls season and a few Jordan games.


Wow I have enough internet to Post! I do all my blogging at work and since being back from a death in the family I haven't been able to blog due to no internet(which is still shaky at best). Lots has happened since my last post but I will just stick to the Bullsophere for now. Oh and the Hawks are the best AAU team I have ever seen.

BlogaBull does the pimp slap review of the Hawks game.

I'd say something smug like 'you think his stroke is back?', but hell if I know. 
 It was nice seeing Rose and the entire team shoot completely out of theirs minds. I think some nights in basketball the ball just goes in and tonight they could have beat the Lakers by 20 shooting like that. Just one of those nights. I was getting a bit worried about Rose jacking too many threes. Early March was ugly for him but he seems to found it again. Lets hope he doesn't slump(if he starts every miss will be short) going into the playoffs.

User TheGallopingSweetness on RealGM Bulls message board shared some amazing pictures from his awesome seats during the Hornets game. #drool

By the Horns goes over "injury insurance"
I’m sure Brian Scalabrine and Rasual Butler are relieved to know their Gatorade-and-towel handing out duties have been effectively cut in half. I’d heard a rumor that Scal’s towel-waving shoulder was starting to show signs of tendinitis. So: Whew! 
Bulls Comedy gold right there.

Dont read this crap... I had to.. These forums hold the worst Bulls fans in the world.
Deciding to dump BG was the biggest mistake this team made a few seasons ago. They've had a gaping hole there since his departure and that's probably a spot that will prevent them from taking that next step.
Sorry for wasting your life. I read these boards for pure laughter. Its like watching COPS.

Nick Friedell writes about Thib's intense nature. A true rare breed. He also gets in on the Hawk revenge.
Yahoo sports writes some MVP bullshit. No really its a pile of shit. Does Age really matter?

Blast from the past! I leave you with MJ vs MJ.... JAM!

Life takes hold

I should have been back to normal Bulls posting and games reviews ect but days after my son was born my wifes mother passed away unexpected. So sad times have taken hold. Will be back up after this weekend.


This new baby has me away from the PC most the days. Hell it was hard to watch the Bulls melt to the Hawks last night. I would have loved to do game reviews for the Buck,Wiz and Hawks but with a new born it just wasn't possible. I am now shooting for a Magic review after tomorrows game. There wasn't much to say about the Hawks game that hasn't been said. The Bulls played sloppy and didn't put their foot on the Hawks throats. You have to have that killer instinct. The Bulls don't have that yet. Rose is still cold so lets hope some Florida sun helps warm that jumper.

On to the Bullsosphere!

Behind the box scores hits on a few points(yahoo) I have been thinking about most the year...

Sure, he's going to flame out in a few years in a way that will have Doug Collins, Larry Brown, Scott Skies, and Rick Vermeil saying, "geez, guy; chill out a little bit," but for now Thibs is the man.
I have often wondered if Tibs will start to grow old on the players. He demands a lot and you can tell he coaches,coaches and coaches which great since we came from a guy who was beyond clueless. I just know how good Skiles was before his tough ways grew old on players and they started to tune him out. I tweeted BlogaBull on his thoughts about Tibs going down that same road.

@ I think so, as long as he has Rose's ear. Plus while he's very hard-nosed and screamy now, he could mellow as he gets more time
 I like the point that Rose responds to him well but this is year one and I can't see him going mellow due to his age and length in the league. Winning in the playoffs would be the difference between Skiles and Tibs. Getting to the ECF would be a huge deal for this team this year(win or lose it) which means they dig Tibs for the long term if I had to guess. Winning sells the players on any style of coach.

Behind the box scores also talks about the subbing Boozer and how Tibs rotations are a bit odd..
And what kills me, all year, is the way that Boozer leaves the court as soon asDerrick Rose(notes) does, instead of using Boozer as a go-to guy when the Bulls trot out their "can't score in an empty gym" bench crew in the second quarters of games.
I think this "can't score in an empty gym" group has been better than I thought they would be but they still lack something. Having Boozer over lap into this group would help us score more when this rotation takes the court. Also FYI Boozer didn't get enough touches in that Hawks game. Lets feed are first legit post since Elton freaking Brand.

More Blog a Bull. Since I didn't have time for the Hawks pecking out our eyes review... Blog a Bull did.
He(Al Horford) played so well and was such a huge part of their comeback I almost give him a pass for throwing the ball in the air like he won the NCAA title (and hugged Joakim as part of that feeling too?).
Al was off the hook. You know it was his night when he hits his first 3 ball of the season. Just like the Empire, Noah will Strike Back.

Pippen aint easy is back! They talk about the Rasual Butler signing. I am glad they had time to because I didn't.

It’s no secret that Keith ‘Bogus’ Bogans has not been the answer for the Bulls at shooting guard. In fact he raises far more questions.
Why is he starting? Why is he playing? Why is he getting paid to do what I’m doing right now.
A bit harsh but the truth hurts. Lets hope Butler can add a bit more to the SG once he gets in the flow.

Pippen Ain't Easy also has a Bulls Podcast worth checking out. By the Horns puts up a nice Hawks review and an honest one which I admire. He never derails like so many Bulls fans but keeps it real. Doug at Bulls Confidential goes over the SI article with the Rose text that was sent to Ledrama.

Bulls recent twits and tweets
 Taj Gibson It's was a hard one, but we are moving forward. Let's get the next one
 cj watson 

We let one slipn Tough loss got to learn from the losses and move on and get bak on the winning track 
 cj watson Want to welcome our new teammate Rasual Butler to da bulls!!!

 cj watson Good practice this morning nice day out in orlando bout to enjoy the sunshine for the day
 Scottie Pippen 

Deng is keeping it hot in chi-town. You go boy!
Boozer needs to get Tweeting.

Bosh gifs galore! 

Blast from the past! 

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